Guidelines for Conference 2

Guidelines for Conference 2
Your conference is 3-5 minutes and most likely will take place via video. You are in charge of the time; therefore,
you should practice you talk with someone. You might practice with someone in the class, or you might ask a parent
to look at the guidelines and be your audience. Think about the conference as a conversation that you lead.
For every comment you received on your paper, you need to make the correction. Please explain why the
correction improves your writing. I would consider printing or pulling up both your old paper before revisions
and your new paper, after revisions, and doing a before and after video.
DIRECTIONS: How to share your video conference on Google drive.
The school has a Google drive account for each of you. Your username and password should have been provided for you
during the first week of school.
With Google Drive, you can share files — like documents, images, and PDFs — without having to email them as attachments.
Sharing is as easy as indicating which email addresses or mailing lists should have access to a given file.
Share a file with my email address:
Go to
Check the box next to the file or folder you'd like to share.
Click the
Share icon.
4. Choose a visibility option: "Private,"
Type the email address of the people you want to share with in the text box below "Add people." You can
add a single person or a mailing list.
Choose the access level from the drop-down menu next to each collaborator: "Can view," "Can comment," or
"Can edit."
7. Click Share & save.