Gatsby Soundtrack

Gatsby Soundtrack
Objective: Students will listen to an assigned song and analyze the lyrics of the song and how this
artistic representation connects to The Great Gatsby in Chapter 7.
For your assigned song, you need to provide a brief description of the song (sounds, lyrics, summary,
themes), you also need to provide a synopsis of the connection between the song and how it represents
what is going on during the story, and a commentary
“Young and Beautiful” Lana Del Ray
“I want you to Want me” Cheap Trick
“Make you Feel my love” Adele
“ Hit and Run” Lana Del Ray
“Help!” Beatles
“Out of Time” Day to Remember
After each group presents briefly, as a class, we will decide the order that these songs should be placed
on a “playlist.” Chapter 7 is important because the chronological order of events is as a result of the
repercussions from each previous action. The reactions build based off of emotional and physical
responses from the characters.