Talk To Me Lesson Eleven Checking for Understanding

Talk To Me
Lesson Eleven
Checking for Understanding
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Talk To Me
• Recently we’ve been learning about some of
the things that help talking to each other go
• Who can remember what some of those
things were?
• Today we are going to talk about how to
check that the person we’re talking to
understands what we mean.
What do we look for?
• There are many things we can look for in a
person’s facial expressions and body
language that could show a lack of
• Our faces and body language can give
others lots of information about how we’re
feeling, even without saying anything.
What do we look for?
• What kind of face do you make when you
do not understand?
• Lets Brainstorm!
What’s happening in this
Circle the RIGHT answer
A.The students aren’t looking at each other.
B.The students aren’t wearing school
C.One person isn’t trying to help the other
understand what is said.
What’s happening in this
How can we tell that the speaker is
being understood?
What should I do to make sure they
• If you are unsure if the person you are
talking to is understanding what you’re
saying, there are things you can do.
• You could pause, and allow them a turn to
ask you to repeat something
• You could ask them if they understand
• At your desks, look at the hand-out.
• Fill in the speech bubble, writing down
what you would say to make sure your
listener understands
• Colour in the picture, making sure to stay
between the lines.
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