• Students will be able to create and resources.

• Students will be able to create and
manage a stock portfolio using internet
Vocabulary discuss
Securities and Exchange Commission
What would make a stock go up?
What would make a stock go down?
Discuss Cause and Effect relationships and how it
relates to picking stocks.
Social Awareness
Responsible Decision Making
Building a Stock Portfolio
Go To
Sign Up
Put in Your Full Name
Put in A Fake Email
Create a Password and write it DOWN!
Go to the Bottom of the Page and make sure “I agree is
checked” and the email offer is not checked. Click Register
me now!
Click Continue
Find Our Contest!
Find Contest
Find Your Contest
Click Join and Enter bulldogs
Build a Stock Portfolio
Find Stocks –Click on Stock Lookup!
Pick your Stock and use the Slider!
Examine the Information and Choose!
Buy IT!
Check your Rank!
• You may trade at any time!
• All information is real time!
• At the end of the Contest –
– The Top 10 Earners will get +10pts EC
– Anyone who makes a Profit will get +5 EC
– Everyone gets +1 for playing
What if I get Lost?
Go here anytime for these Instructions!
What if you still need help?
• Peer team to build portfolio. Can you help
someone? Do you need Help? Can you
have someone check your work? YES!
• Teacher help
• Can my parents help me pick stocks?
• Can you trade at home? YES!
• Questions?