Shashank Mohan ITC105 – Power Point Presentation Part A

Shashank Mohan
Part A – Power Point Presentation
My website will be located at the following
This address is on the CSU server and is
hosted on the free web space that they
provide to each student.
Who Is The Intended Audience For
My Website?
One of the great aspects of the website I have created
and hosted on the CSU server, is the way that it is not
intended for any certain age group or person(s)
The website has different sites that may appeal to
different people. For instance, the computers webpage
could appeal to an adult interested in computers, or a
teen or who may also be interested in computers and
what I have to say on the matter.
The movies, games and sports website will basically
appeal to most people interested in the areas that the
page covers. It also shares my interest the in fields
aswell, this is not to say that these are the only things I
enjoy either.
The Goals Of My Website
The first goal of my website, is to share my interests and
hobbies with everybody.
The second goal of my website is to briefly paint a
picture as to what I do with my life and what I do in my
spare time.
The third goal of my website was to prove to myself that I
could create a website purely using the xhtml code and
not using programs such as dreamweaver or Microsoft
The fourth and ongoing goal was, as I was creating the
webiste, I wanted to broaden the intended audience as I
went along creating the webpage's. To the best of my
ability I did that, so that my interests and hobbies could
be shared with anybody interested in finding out facts
about me.
Site Design Diagram
Power Point
External link to PC Authority Website
And Sport
The Written Section
This section describes the content, layout and
function of each webpage.
Content – This page is built in a nested table, there are large text for
the main heading and the smaller heading, the smaller heading is in
italics. There are three pictures on this page, each picture is a
picture of each link there is. E.g.. The computer picture and there is
a link to a computers page. The background image in this page is
designed by me in photoshop.
Layout – Like on most websites the main heading comes first and
underneath it is the smaller heading (subheading). Underneath this
are the three pictures illustrating an interest or hobby of mine.
Underneath this are the links to each page I have created and this
power point slide. Then underneath this is a short paragraph about
the site and explaining its purpose, to the bottom right of this is the
logo proving that the site is xhtml 1.0 strict. If you wish to see how
the webpage was nested in the tables, simply open up the source or
coding and where the tag “border” is in the table tags set the borders
to 1. These features were used for easy navigation and so it the
page wasn’t unorgazied.
Function – The function of the homepage is to clearly indicate where
the viewer can navigate their way through the pages and not making
the viewing too complicated or too cluttered.
Content - Once again this site is like the homepage, where there is a
main heading in large text and a smaller heading in slightly smaller
text and in italics. There are two images on this page, one of a
network topology and underneath it is a picture of a PC Authority
magazine cover. There are also links on this page, the background
is designed by my in photoshop.
Layout – Slightly to the right of the center of the are two pictures
going down the page. To the left of these pictures are a couple of
paragraphs explaining my interest in computers. To the right of
these pictures are the links to my other pages. Underneath the
pictures is a line stating that the link to this power point document
can be found on the homepage. This page is also in a nested table
and adding the value 1 to the border tag will reveal this. This page
has been set out like this because controlling content in a nested
table is much easier than without it. The rest of the page was set
out as it is because it was easy on the eye.
Function - The purpose of this site was to share my interest in
computers with anyone who was interested in finding out facts about
Movies Games And Sport
Content - This page also includes large text for the main heading
and smaller heading. It contains two images, links, paragraphs,
custom background I designed myself in photoshop and all these
are in a nested table.
Layout – As usual at the top main heading and underneath the
smaller heading in italics. Underneath this to the left is are two
pictures aligned one below the other. Underneath the bottom picture
is a line stating where to find the link to this power point document.
To the right of these pictures are words outlining my interest in
movies, games and sport. Directly underneath these words are the
links to my other pages. In the bottom right corner of this page is
the logo validating the site as xhtml strict. This page was laid out as
it is, so that it does not look like a big clutter of images and
information. The way it is laid out now was the most effective and
attractive way.
Function – The function of this webpage was to show what I do in
my spare time or just what I do for fun.
Reference List
Content – This page only consists of a main heading a
smaller heading, some text, links and the valid xhtml
strict logo.
Layout – All the reference are aligned in the center of the
page, underneath the references are the links to my
other pages. Below the links is the line stating that the
link to this power point can be found on the homepage.
In the bottom right corner is the xhtml logo. The
information on this page was laid out as it is, because
they were the only bits of information on the page and
this being the reason they were positioned in the middle
of the page.
Function – This page’s function is just to act as a
reference list, for any pages I have used to complete my
webpage's and images I have used from other sites.