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Program Title: Neuromuscular Consequences of Knee Osteoarthritis
Faculty Presenter: Deborah Givens
Course Description: Recent evidence for the knee osteoarthritis (OA) indicates
that pain and dysfunction goes beyond the local joint. Quadriceps weakness is a
well-known consequence of knee OA and central nervous system changes likely
contribute to persistent arthrogenic inhibition of the quadriceps. In addition,
research shows evidence of widespread pain in people with knee OA, which
suggests the involvement of central mechanisms, related to pain. This course will
broaden the participants understanding of the neuromuscular effects of knee OA to
assist the clinician in developing comprehensive interventions to address these
Upon completion of the program, the participant will
 Summarize the major research findings for arthogenic inhibition and
widespread pain in people with knee OA
 Discuss interventions for people with knee OA that incorporate exercise,
modalities, and motor learning principles
 Apply the concepts and principles to case examples that illustrate the process