MLAB 2401 Clinical Chemistry

MLAB 2401
Clinical Chemistry
Chapter: Tumor Marker
Learning Objectives
At the completion of this unit, the student should be able to:
1. Define:
a. Cancer
b. Metastasis
c. Oncofetal antigen
d. Tumor marker
e. Sensitivity
f. Specificity
2. Explain why the analysis of tumor markers should not be the sole basis of screening or
diagnosing cancers.
3. List five applications of tumor markers in the assessment of cancers.
4. List the preferred methodology used today to measure various tumor markers.
5. Briefly describe the HCG molecule.
6. Explain why testing for HCG (whole molecule) is not acceptable when quantitating HCG as a
tumor marker.
7. Identify the characteristics of the oncofetal antigen PSA and identify how it is measured, used,
and its limitations as a screening test.
8. Identify a tumor marker that assist in diagnosis of choriocarcinoma, trophoblastic tumors and
differentiation of testicular tumors.
9. Discuss the clinical usefulness of the following biomarkers:
a. Enzymes
b. Proteins
c. CEA
d. AFP
e. CA 15-3
f. CA 125
g. CA 19-9