November 21, 2014
Cam Addis, Nina Almasy, Roy Casagranda, Erlene Clark, Linda Clement, Azzura Crispino, Dan Dydek,
Irie Glajar, Ted Hadzi-Antich, Shirin Khosropour, Suzanne McFadden, Lea Melvin, Ann Palmer, Michael
Petrowsky, Stewart Sachers, Carleen Sanchez, Larry Stephens, William Tolan, Roberta Weston (Bethany
Denise Anding, Beth Frye, Juan Molina, Al Purcell, Terry Thomas
Gina Akin, Susan Thomason, Theresa Glenn, Missi Patterson, Blanca Alvarado
Jack Bucco, Mark Butland, Roy Casagranda, Daisy Diaz-Alemany, Edgar Granillo, Alberto Quinonez,
Patricia Sanchez
I. Call to Order
II. Approval of Agenda
III. Approval of Minutes
Approved amended minutes.
IV. Wellness Committee- Gina Akin
Holiday Survival Guide
Access Employee Wellness-now funded at ACC
Current Plans for the Wellness Committee:
-Exercise classes- (2) most classes
-Online webinar- eat well, move more
-Diabetes education-nominate a new host campus
-Weight Mgt (15 people at a campus): 12 week program $156
-Release time program for exercise/ combine with lunch
-Tobacco Free campuses
-Vending Machines, healthy options
-Reminders @ elevators…take stairs
-Team leaders measured paths on campuses so employees know distances
-Fit bit (borrow for a few weeks)
-Gold’s Gym-corporate discount
For those enrolled with United Health:
-Health Coaching (over phone) up to 8 sessions
-Online webinars: Tue Dec 9: Smart Strategies to Boost Emotional Intelligence
V. Distance Learning Update-Susan Thomason
Looking at ARs-items we can’t document at this time
-Ex. Course approval forms for database of what is available, process for adding courses to the
-Distance Learning committee mapped out what it would look like to go through the process of
establishing a course.
-Findings: need reporting on Distance Learning from OIE, some courses are nebulous (Do we
need to have better designations/coding for registration?)
-New version of Blackboard on the horizon
*Recommendation to move toward cloud based system with Blackboard, 2 positions
supporting the college system!
-Distance Learning Video: promoting National Distance Learning Week, educating the ACC
community about Distance Learning
-Quality Matters Reviewer- Course review for Distance Learning- 2 free training options for faculty
(includes compensating faculty for their time/work)
-Bringing education on cultural competence to faculty: speakers, summer institute
-Learning Depot (see website: Distance Learning)
VI. Bylaws Review Article III- Dr. Terry Thomas
See Attachment A
Approved amended proposal
VII. Bylaws Review Article IV- Dr. Terry Thomas
See Attachment B
Approved amended proposal
VIII. Speech Department- Theresa Glenn
How Speech Communications courses lead to success with our students.
*Misconception: the only class is Public Speaking
IX. President’s Report
Post Bond plans- beginning discussions
Planning committee: Convocation for Spring
Scheduling courses during lunch
X. Announcements/ New Business
XI. Adjournment
Meeting adjourned 2:01 pm