The Mortgage Maze

The Mortgage Maze
ECE Capstone Design Project, Spring’12
Mark Rusinski
Matthew Rodriguez
Neil Supnekar,
Advisor: Dr. Sigrid McAfee
This project consists of a website which serves to provide an all-inclusive resource for informing
a common home buyer about his or her potential mortgage. This is achieved through three main
divisions of the website. First, mortgage calculators are provided that can calculate amortization
schedules and payment graphs for five common types of mortgages. Secondly, to accompany the
calculators each type of mortgage has a corresponding tutorial where the parameters of every
mortgage are described in detail, but in a simple, concise manner. Lastly, a collection of various
government mortgage programs are also listed on the website with bulleted information about
how to receive federal aid for home owners in poor fiscal situations. The end goal of this project
is to provide an easy to use educational tool for current and potential home owners so that they
may better evaluate if a certain mortgage contract is fiscally responsible and what federal
programs may help if they are in danger of foreclosure.