Managing Your Online Identity

Managing Your Online Identity
Living online is all about managing what information is associated with your name
and using that information to brand yourself to the world.
The Golden Rules:
1. Deleting does not mean deleted--think of everything you do online as permanent!
2. You will be judged by the company you keep--your friends speak volumes about you!
3. Treat others as you wish to be treated!
4. Grammar and spelling ALWAYS count!
Presenting Yourself Online...
Consider Google your reputation management system.
Know that even if you don’t make a digital footprint, someone else will be making it
for you.
Always conduct yourself with the highest standards even when you think no one else
will see.
Personal vs. Professional
Make an active choice in how to engage with social media.
What information do you want to share with... employers, family, friends, etc.?
o What contact information will you share?
o Who will the primary audience be for each platform?
o What content will they see (unique posts, shares, linked applications,
Major Networking Sites
Google Scholar
Creating a Brand & Crafting Your Persona
Always be in charge of creating the persona that you want to appear online.
Start with consistency across your platforms. Use the same...
Profile photo
Bio statement
Contact information
Title/Job Description
Handles or screen names
Always be creating original content--new content keeps your site relevant to search
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