A Study of Hanger Excellence

A Study of Hanger
The Need for Speed (or Hangers)
Customized/personalized hangers.
Everyone needs to hang up their clothes.
Retail Stores need hangers for the clothes
they sell.
Appearance can be crucial!
Formalization Experimentation
Founded by Ron Maier in Miami, Florida
Privately owned company.
Completely Web-Based
What Could they Possibly Sell??
 strives to provide high quality
hangers to everyday buyers at affordable prices.
What EXACTLY Do They Do?
Provide a wide array of hangers
Hangers contribute to the image of a retail
Commerce Value Chain
First Google hit for the search “Hangers”
Maier (the founder) publishes many online
No tax (Outside of Florida)
Free shipping for orders over $300
Monthly specials!
Attractive, user-friendly interface
CVC 2…The Sequel
No tax (Outside of Florida)
Free shipping on orders over $300
Easy to use shopping cart
Accepts all major credit cards
24 hour shipping
Pre-defined quantity sizes helps make shipping
more efficient
CVC 3…How Long Does This Take?
 React
Accepts return within 30 days of purchase
Offer UPS and Fed-Ex tracking for orders
Restocking fee
Mark and Mo…How does it work??
Show us more…more!!
Me Likey…Encore!!
Innovation…Alexander Graham Bell Style
Hanger sale is a niche market
Internet provides a useful medium for
success in such a narrow market
Niche markets must reach a broad
audience to succeed
Who’s Listening??
 Retailers
 Everyday People
 Hanger Enthusiasts?
Here’s Who’s Actually Listening!
More Boring Graphs…YAY!
Even MORE Boring Graphs!!
Marketing Strategies
 Strategy based on
Market Dominance
 Growth Strategy –
 Narrow market
reassures buyer of
product quality
Internet Strategy
 Based around a
specific product…
 Market to audience
that will return often
Channel Master
Privately Owned Company
Very little public information regarding
stock prices, page hits, publicity etc.
Site manages an estimated 5,721 unique
visitors every month
Life or Death Situations
 Success will rely on
their ability to establish
deep relationships with
long-term customers.
 Customer service is
important in this
It’s the ONLY Place to Buy Hangers!
What can OnlyHangers do to improve?
Need more internet presence...Including
advertising, testimonials, reviews etc.
Take a more personal approach to selling
Will Pass the Sixth
This Presentation Has Been
Brought to you by…
The Letter M!!
 (duh)