Exploring a Medical Career chemistry,

Exploring a Medical Career
We study the core subjects such as physics and mathematics,
chemistry, biology, Spanish, computers, English and
physical education.
We study more subjects related to medicine and there
are other subjects like geography and history.
Third year starts on preclinical status and will be the hospital
and have contact with patients.
Fourth year taking
courses and
electives that will
serve also to what the patient's care. And there is a change
of clothes to white clothes.
5 Fifth Year
Subjects are given medical and surgical clinics are tools for
diagnosis and treatment of diseases.
6 Sixth Year
Obtained the title of Bachelor of Medicine or the title
of Doctor. Graduation is performed.
7 Seventh Year
It begins the first year of internship which is overseen by
a medical teacher.
It ends
the practice with
it you
a registration
or certification with which it is established that you are
a general practitioner and you're able to prescribe and then
passed to the residence to obtain a specialty.
1 First Year.
2 Second Year
3Third Year
4 Fourth Year
8 Eighth Year