Demo Script

Demo Script
Hello ____, Thanks you for volunteering to participate in our user study today. My name is ____
I will be the facilitator for todays study. ____ will act as the computer. He’ll be moving the
appropriate interface pieces of the interface onto the “screen” as you interact with our paper
interface. For today he will be pointing at whatever is highlighted in the interface with the pencil
just to give you an extra way of being sure what is selected on the screen. In the actual program
we will likely use different colors or flashing buttons to grab your attention. He will not respond
to any questions and will try to respond only as the actual program would. ____ and ____ will be
observing and taking down notes as you go through some tasks with our program.
Now to give you a little background on our program. We felt as a group that today’s users of
popular social networking websites were missing something in their daily interactions with these
websites. We felt that users of social networks lack a real-time data about the people around
them in public spaces. Our project aims to provide users with an easy to use map of who is near
them, thereby enhancing the possibility of face-to-face meet ups with new and old acquaintances.
Let me give you a brief example of how to use our application.
1.) Click on program icon to launch
As you can see the first menu to come up will ask you whether or not you would like to
broadcast your current location to the network. Essentially this is the same as your “visibility”
setting on any chat client program. You would select broadcast = yes if you wanted to be visible
to the network and you would select broadcast = no if you didn’t want to be visible to the
2.) Click middle button to confirm
As you just saw I clicked the middle button to confirm.
Okay now we are at the main screen of the application. We can see ourselves at the center of the
map. From here we can
3.) Click left or right to “scroll” map window
Scroll around the main window by using the arrow buttons. If we hit in conjunction with the
arrow buttons the “shift” key
4.) Demonstrate “shift+ direction”
We see that the highlight has shifted from you in the middle of the screen to your friend “Bob”
We also see that bob’s away message is that he is currently “chilling”. Maybe after seeing this
we would feel inclined to walk over and talk to him. And say whatsup. Etc.
Last this is how you get to the main menu screen
5.) Hit menu button
From here you can access other functions of the program you might like to use.
Okay now I will exit the program
6.) Hit back button
Now we would like to ask you to use our program to perform the following tasks…….