Welcome to Senior English! Mrs. Malaspino, MA/NBCT Welcome to Honors English 9


Welcome to Senior English!

Mrs. Malaspino, MA/NBCT

Welcome to Honors English 9

Mrs. Melinda Malaspino

About me


Global Perspective Studies (GPS) Coordinator

California Scholarship Federation (CSF) advisor

Education and Training:

MA, Curriculum and Instruction: CSU

SacramentoNational Board Certified Teacher , 2010


Globe Education Academy alumna, 2010

Teaching for Tolerance Academy, 2015

BA, English (music minor): California Lutheran


Teaching credential: CSU Sacramento

Grading Policies

Grading Scale:

Grades will be based on points earned through the entire semester.

Point value of assignments will depend on importance and complexity.

Grades will be weighted in the following areas:

Writing and Projects 40%

Tests and Quizzes

Including Final Exam (10%)

Classwork and Homework



Grading Scale

Letter grades will be based on the following scale as set forth by the FHS Department of English:

100% + = A +

93-99% = A

90-92% = A-

88-89% = B +

83-87% = B

80-82% = B-

78-79% = C +

73-77% = C

70-72% = C-

68-69% = D +

63-67% = D

60-62% = D-

59% and below = F

Please note that CSU and UC campuses require a C or better in courses applied towards university admission.

Common Core Curriculum

English 12 is designed to be an inquiry-based course, integrating reading, writing, discussion, and critical thinking in all units.

Teachers collaborate through a Professional

Learning Community

• to establish learning goals for all students to gather and examine data to inform our instruction

• and to create lessons which call on students to explore ideas, interact with the text and develop thoughtful understanding, and which enable students to meet collective and individual learning goals.

GPS Curriculum

All students, whether or not they are officially enrolled in the GPS program, receive integrated instruction in their core classes.

In Senior English, students explore literary works from across cultures and countries to discover how our stories reveal truth about ourselves, the nature of mankind, and human culture.



Semester Curriculum

English 12A will focus on

Expository reading and writing skills in preparation for college, the workplace, and beyond.

Career and College portfolio:

Includes college application essay or alternative and a research component.

Students will present findings to peers during the spring semester.

Literature and Reading:

English and World literature, including




Articles and poems relevant to a variety of topics

Independent reading of works (fiction or nonfiction) by classic and contemporary world authors.



Semester Curriculum

English 12B will focus on

College and Career Readiness:

Students will continue to develop reading, writing, speaking and critical thinking skills for college and career.

Literature by British and world authors

will be selected from the FCUSD board-approved reading list.

Reading selections to include


Brave New World


Things Fall Apart

The Kite Runner

Articles and poems related to variety of topics

Independent reading of works (fiction or nonfiction) by world authors

Grammar and Vocabulary

Grammar and vocabulary will be taught both directly and through the context of reading and writing assignments.

Grammar and Usage concepts will focus on concepts assessed on college English placement tests.

Writing for a variety of purposes and audiences will be practiced and reinforced frequently both in and out of class.


I can be reached at

[email protected]

916-294-2400 ext. 415202

E-Mail is the best way to reach me!