Lobese’s Letter Writing

January 11, 2015
Last week we reviewed the
long I spelling (i_e) and also
learned about the long o and long
u (o, o_e, u_e). Along with the
long vowels, we also learned
about the silent clusters ft, lk,
and nt. This week we will be
working on the long e (e, e_e, ee,
ea). We have also worked on the
comprehension skill: story
structure (setting, characters,
problem solving, and solution).
Please continue to have
your child read the I Love
Reading Books or any other grade
level books every night. At this
point of first grade, the first
graders should be doing all of the
reading at night time.
Please continue to
practice our Sight Words each
day. These words need to be
read “as quick as a snap”. They
are not sound out words.
In Homework, your child
should also be writing at least 3
more sentences on the writing
We continue to work on
writing a 5 sentence paragraph.
Last week the students helped
me create a topic sentence and
then they wrote 3 detail
sentences and a conclusion
sentence on their own.
Fluency with adding and
subtracting to 10 is very
important. Students should be
moving away from using fingers,
counters, ect when adding and
subtracting. You can use games
and flash cards to help build
Last week we started
Topic 8 which covers place value
of tens and ones.
For Science we have
started to talk and learn about
the different types of weather
and how the air can change from
day to day and even from morning
to afternoon.
I have been assigned Jury
Duty this week. (It’s my 8th time
being called!!!!) Let’s cross our
fingers and hope that I do not
get called in. 
No school on Monday,
January 19th or Tuesday, January
Our first field trip will be on
Wednesday, January 21st.
Our 100th day of school will be
on January 28th!
Please save a shoe box for our
Valentine project. This will be
used to collect Valentines.
No school on Monday Feb. 9th
or Feb. 16th.
Our next assessment week will
begin on Feb 10th.
Feb. 20th is a Super Minimum
Day (8:22-11:48).
Feb. 27th is a Minimum Day
Please remember to label
EVERYTHING that comes to
school (jackets, lunch boxes,
sweatshirts, ect).
Don’t forget to send in those
box tops!
Tying Shoes
Below is a great video on
how to teach your child to tie
their own shoes. 