World History  Teacher: Mr. Cooper

World History
 Teacher: Mr. Cooper
 School: Cordova High School
 Room: G-12
Course Description:
World History at Cordova High is taught in the framework of the International
Bachelorette or IB program. Students will be challenged to be inquirers, knowledgeable,
thinkers, communicators, principled, open-minded, caring, courageous, balanced, and
reflective. To achieve this, students will be analyzing primary and sources, taking
interactive notes, reflecting, collaborating, researching, writing, and presenting.
Skills Utilized (Criterion Graded):
Like many of the Social Science courses that students will take in their scholastic career,
World History utilizes many different skills.
1. Knowlede and Understanding
2. Research and Investigation
3. Communication
4. Critical Thinking
Historical Themes:
1. Civilization and Democracy
2. Revolution
3. Industrialization
4. Nationalism
5. WW1
The effects of WW1
The effects of WW2
World Economies
Class Requirements:
1. Materials
-100 page notebook
2. Behavior:
Disruptive Behavior will not be tolerated. Every student is important, but no student is
more important than the class. Any actions that disrupt the atmosphere of this class will
result in disciplinary action and/or the loss of points.
Step 1: Warning
Step 2: Parent phone call
Step 3: Administrative action
3. Getting Help:
It is the student’s responsibility to ask for help when it is needed. We all learn and grow
at different rates and paces. I am available before and after school. Please ask me for an
appointment to allow the necessary time.
4. Attendance and Tardy policies:
Your attendance is an essential part of your success. If an absence is unavoidable, it is
your responsibility to seek out and complete the work on the same time frame as your
peers. Tardy students disrupt the flow of the classroom and impair your ability to
succeed in the classroom. Late and Tardy students will sign in the Tardy book without
disrupting the class. Your first tardy will result in 5 minutes after class with the teacher.
After the first tardy, you will spend the first 15 minutes before or after school sweeping,
cleaning the white boards, and/or the desk tops.
5. Assignments and Assessments:
Formative assessments and assignments will be carried out by all students in an effort to
prepare them to succeed throughout each unit of study and prepare them for the unit
o Grading:
This class follows CHS MYP grading policy which can be found on our school website.
All formative and summative grades will be reported on Managebac.
o Rules:
Respect the teacher, your classmates, and yourself
Engaged in every activity
Tolerance of others and their beliefs/opinions
Refocus when the teacher finds you or you find yourself off task (There is one
warning and if you continue off task you will be asked to leave the classroom)
On time and prepared every time
*This class is not an entity unto itself, it is part of the Cordova High school and the
school rules will be observed in this class regarding electronic devices, dress code, ect.
o Teacher Contact Information:
Email: [email protected]
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*Please make a copy of this course outline and return the original with
signatures by 8/21/15