EuropeAid Support to the EU Water Initiative (EECCA Region)

EuropeAid Support to the
EU Water Initiative
(EECCA Region)
Water Investment Support Facility Presentation
Joint Meeting:
EU Water Initiative EECCA Working Group &
OECD EAP Task Force
Helsinki 24-25 May 2007
WISF Team Leader: George McDonnell
[email protected]
Water Investment Support Facility
in a Nutshell
• WISF is helping IFIs prepare seven EUWI
related water projects in EECCA with total
budget of EUR 340m
• EuropeAid EUR 13.5m co-financing for
implementation of EUWI related water
projects in EECCA (separate to WISF)
Project Management
The EuropeAid WISF contract is with
Euroconsult Mott MacDonald (NL) in
cooperation with:
– Mazars and Guerard (FR)
WISF Background
• Water Investment Support Facility developed
by EuropeAid in collaboration with banks (IFIs)
• WISF is most recent EuropeAid project
preparation facility (others: Joint Environment
Programme, Black Sea Investment Facility)
WISF Background contd.
• IFIs develop Water Supply and Sanitation and
Integrated Water Resource Management projects that
help implement EUWI in the EECCA region
• IFIs require project preparation support
• WISF = one source of project preparation support
• WISF is carrying out eight project preparation studies
for seven IFI projects
WISF Facts & Figures
• Eight WISF studies are being carried out in:
Armenia (1) (EBRD)
Azerbaijan (2) (World Bank)
Georgia (3) (EBRD)
Uzbekistan (2) (ADB & World Bank)
• WISF partner IFIs: Asian Development Bank,
EBRD, World Bank
• WISF Budget: EUR 2.7m
• WISF Duration: July 2005 – December 2007
ADB Djizzak & Surhandarya Water Supply &
Sanitation Project (UZ)
Rehab and extend water supply network
Improve public bathhouses and school latrines
Budget: USD 25m
WISF-01 launched February 2007
Task 1: Environmental Assessment
Task 2: Poverty and Social Assessment
Task 3: Social Safeguards
WISF-02/08 (World Bank-AZ)
World Bank National Water Supply and Sanitation
Project (AZ)
Rehab and reconstruct WSS systems
Implement institutional development plan
Budget: USD 279m
WISF-02 completed MAR 07
Feasibility studies for 2 Rayons
WISF-08 to be completed SEP 07
Feasibility studies for 3 Rayons
World Bank Ferghana Valley Water Resources
Management Project (UZ)
improve drainage / irrigation / water resources management
in Syr Darya Basin
establish water user associations (WUAs)
Budget: USD 50m
WISF-03 launched APR 07
Environmental Assessment
Social Assessment
Rehab / build WWTPs in five Lake Sevan towns
Budget: EUR 15m
EBRD Lake Sevan Environment Project (AM)
(Inc. EuropeAid Cofinancing: EUR 5m)
WISF-04 completed April 07
financial, technical, environmental, legal and social study
EBRD-Armenia loan agreement signed APR
• EBRD Rustavi Water Project
– updating pumping stations and water supply network
– installing 20,000 water meters
• Budget: EUR 5.5m
– (inc. EuropeAid co-financing: EUR 0.8m)
• WISF-05 completed March 2007
– financial, technical, environmental, legal and social
• EBRD Borjomi-Bakuriani Water Project
– improve the water supply and wastewater
• Budget: EUR 21m
• WISF-06 completed March 2007
– financial, technical, environmental, legal and
social study
• EBRD Tbilisi Municipal Water Services
Improvement Project (GE)
– Rehab Tbilisi municipal water infrastructure and
• Budget: EUR 30m
• WISF-07 completed MAY 07
– financial, technical, environmental study and
procurement package
• WISF is a EuropeAid tool to help IFIs prepare
water projects in EECCA
• WISF can be seen as a “good gamble” by
EuropeAid – a relatively small project helping
mobilise EUR 340m worth of investment in the
EECCA water sector
• WISF will run until December 2007