Student Anti-Homophobia Leadership Summit (SAHLS) 2009 Application APPLICATION DEADLINE: MARCH 22

Student Anti-Homophobia Leadership Summit
(SAHLS) 2009 Application
Columbia University
April 4-5, 2009
SAHLS is a great opportunity to come together with students from high schools in and around the tristate area to address homophobia and activism. In the past, students have discussed issues such as
queer identity, heterosexism, transgender-phobia, racism, and the relevance of homophobia to the
heterosexual community. SAHLS is geared toward students who are involved in would like to start GayStraight Alliances at their high schools. During the two-day conference, students learn leadership
techniques, share their experiences and ideas, and mingle with peers in a safe, fun, and educational
environment. SAHLS is an opportunity to build a network of high school and college anti-homophobia
activists in the tri-state area and beyond.
Thanks to a growing demand for space at SAHLS, we are instituting a stricter policy this year. We ask
that people apply by the deadline (if you miss the deadline, e-mail one of our co-presidents (e-mail
addresses below) and they will inform you as to whether you may still apply). Also, please take the
application seriously! We’re fun people and we’re sure you’re fun people, but since we anticipate a high
application rate this year, admittance to the program is not guaranteed; your application will be
important when we make our final decisions. That said, don’t stress out about it!
Contact & Personal Information
Full Name
Nickname (if applicable)
Street Address
City, State, & ZIP Code
Home Phone
Cell Phone
E-Mail Address
Date of Birth
Race/Ethnicity (optional)
Can one of our group’s members call you at home if we need to reach you?:
Can we send mailings about SAHLS to your home?:
School Information
School Name
School Street Address
School City, State, & ZIP
If you do anti-homophobia work primarily with a school group, please fill out the information below.
Name of School Group
Advisor’s Name
Advisor’s Phone Number
Advisor’s E-mail
Group Description & Activities
If you are part of an existing school group (e.g., Gay-Straight Alliance), what are the basic goals &
activities of this club? If you are not part of an existing club, how do you work against homophobia in
your school?
Personal Statement
Please provide a brief statement of the challenges you face confronting homophobia in your school or
running a gay-straight alliance as well as what you expect to gain from SAHLS. Keep in mind that we
will be structuring the program around your concerns.
Medical & Dietary Information
Please list any allergies you have (especially food allergies):
Please list any medications you take, doses, and the time(s) you take them:
Please describe any dietary restrictions you have (e.g., vegan, vegetarian, etc.):
Additional Information
Is there anything else you would like us to know about you? Feel free to use this space to give us any
additional information that you find important or relevant.
How to Submit Your Application
Please e-mail your completed application as an attachment to [email protected]
Note: Due to high demand for the conference, if you are accepted, you are expected to
attend. In other words, please do not apply if you are not sure you will be able to attend.
If you have any further questions, please feel free to e-mail the above address or call Ryan Kasdin
(516-633-4707) or Ira Stup (215-704-5537), the Co-Presidents of Everyone Allied Against Homophobia.
Our staff advisor, Lea Robinson, Assistant Director of Multicultural Affairs, is also available for further
questions at (212) 854-1675 or [email protected]