Craft-Academy Introduction

Craft-Academy Introduction
Craft-academy is a community of students, educators, and parents creating
projects and learning opportunities using Minecraft, and sharing them with the world.
Edu-Crafting has created a dynamic, fun, education-focused Minecraft server designed
for Craft-Academy projects, where students from multiple schools will work and play in
the same world, learning from each other.
Your portal to all of the resources of Craft-Academy and access to the
Illuminarium server space is through the Edu-Crafting Enjin site here: (Please register on our Enjin site with the SAME
All students who wish to become a member of our learning community must
agree to and sign our Craft-Academy Social Contract. This is to ensure that everyone
fully understands the expectations of being apart of our community. We emphasize
being kind, supportive, and respectful in all that you do in and on Craft-Academy. It is a
privilege to be on the Edu-Crafting server, and you are expected to respect that
privilege. Demerits will be given to students who do not adhere to the Social Contract,
which range from a temporary ban for a few minutes, to being demoted a level, to
permanent expulsion.
Once enrolled on our Enjin site and we have received your signed Social
Contract, you will soon after be whitelisted on the Illuminarium Alpha server, and can
begin your Craft-Academy learning adventure. All new members of the Illuminarium
must complete the N00bs Challenge in order to level-up and become a “citizen.”
Completing “SWYK Projects” or “Skills challenges” or will be the primary way you level
up. With each level-up achieved, you will gain permissions, access to new mini-games,
or access to more build areas.
There are two main types of learning activities that are ideal for Craft-Academy:
SWYK Projects (or Show-What-You-Know Projects), are a presentation of your
knowledge, which will teach others about the topic when they visit and experience it.
Some examples are:
● A pixel art or 3-D model of ANYTHING you are learning about
● A historical structure (i.e. the Giza Plateau, or any specific structure)
● A synthesized structure based on history (i.e. your version of a CA mission, your
version of a medieval castle)
● A demonstration of electrical engineering principles. (i.e demonstrating various
logic gates
A SWYK Project can be on ANY topic -- Craft-Academy is a fun, creative, interactive
way to convey your knowledge and learning. Use it as a creative tool to show that
knowledge to the World.
Skills Challenges: Participants will complete by following explicit directions (like the
N00bs Challenge)
Some examples are:
● A specific build challenge (i.e. The N00bs Challenge)
● An adventure (i.e. a scavenger hunt)
● An electrical engineering challenge (i.e. a redstone challenge)
● A team-building challenge (i.e. The Maze Challenge)
Skills challenges are much more difficult to create as it is much harder to design an
interactive experience that teaches and has learning goals, than it is to demonstrate
your knowledge on a specific subject. Do you accept the challenge?