Post Lab 5 Submission Form Group Member Names (full name)

Post Lab 5 Submission Form
Group Member Names (full name)
Day of Home Lab (Mon, Tu, Wed or Th)
Answers to In Lab Questions
1. You can see that the numbers overflow after a certain amount of time. Measure that time using
a stop watch and calculate the clock frequency. Write down your result. Does it agree with the
frequency specified in the MSS Configurator Clock Manager block? Explain in two sentences
providing your data and calculations.
2. How does the latency compare to the latency measured with the oscilloscope in Lab 4?
Remember that we measured the Fabric Interrupt latency in lab 4 that was initiated with a push
button switch. The latency was measured on the scope by measuring the time between the
FABINT and a GPIO signal driven high in the interrupt service routine. The timer is measuring
latency by starting a counter when FABINT is asserted and reading the count on entry of the
interrupt service routine. The count difference times the clk period (period for 40MHz) is the
latency time. Explain in two sentences why these values are different?
3. What do you observe between the synchronous and asynchronous capture values? Explain in a
couple of sentences and provide output examples.
Screen Shots
1. Provide a screen shot of the PWM signal and a brief explanation.