Object game What is it? What does it look like?

Object game
What is it?
What does it look
Why is it important?
Industrial Revolution
Instructor: Mr. Chavira
Americas High School
El Paso, Texas
Industrial Revolution in Great Britain
How it started (5 Main reasons)
 Agricultural Practices had changed
 New Crops – Potatoes
 More people fed with less money
 More food = More population
 More population to work in factories
 Plenty of Capital (money)
 Huge Empire
 Entrepreneurs
 Lot of natural resources available
 Many Markets to take products
Changes in Cotton Production
 Massive growth in cotton production
 Spinning Jenny – Made making thread faster
 Flying Shuttle - Made weaving faster
 Steam Engine – James Watt Invented it Engine that can drive machinery
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EVomz8TXrqE 7:00
 More Steam Engines => More Coal Use
The sequence begins…
 More Coal => Creation of Coke
 Use of Coke => Puddling
 Use of Puddling => Better Iron
 Better Iron => More Railroad Tracks
It Continues
 More Railroads => More Jobs & Cheap Transportation
 Cheap Transportation => Cheaper prices for goods
 Cheaper Prices => More Sales
 More Sales => More Factories and Better Machinery
 With Better Machinery => More profit to invest
The Industrial Revolution Spreads
 In Europe
 It Spread to different parts at different times
 Belgium, France, Germany were the first to adopt
 In the United States
 In 1800’s 6 of every 7 people were farmers
 Railroad changes all that
 Monopoly - B&O, Short Line, Reading, Pennsylvania
 More railroads meant more factories => Recruiting entire
families for work
Move to Cities
 Growth of cities began
 More food
 Less Wars
 Less Disease
 Steam Engines made it possible for factories to be located away
from water
Child Labor
 Children 9-13
 Could only work 9 hours a day
 Children 13-18
 Could only work 12 hours a day
 Conditions were terrible
 Dirty
 Low Paying
 No minimum wage