Homework Central

Homework Central
Homework Central is a one-hour after school program designed to help student’s
complete missed assignments and provide a place for students to study or seek
help in any core class.
Goal of the program: To maximize student success in the classroom by keeping
up with assignments.
What qualifies a student to attend Homework Central:
Any student missing assignments or that has incomplete work in a core class.
*Students may elect to stop in on their own to study or get help as needed.*
When: Mondays and Tuesdays every week from 3:30 P.M.-4:30 P.M.
Program begins October 19, 2015.
Where: In room C-2 (overflow will go into room C-1)
Teacher’s role: Make sure student has/knows what assignment needs to be done.
Give out the Homework Central ticket.
Student’s role: Come prepared with his/her assignment to complete in Homework Central.
Submit finished/completed assignment to teacher.
SCEI’s role: Manage and organize the after school program.
Help students with assignment when applicable.
Track student’s attendance in program.