Prelecture worksheet Chapter 50. Name: ____________________________ 1. Define ecology

Prelecture worksheet Chapter 50.
Name: ____________________________
1. Define ecology
2. List the subfields of ecology and provide an example of a question (OTHER THAN THOSE IN THE
BOOK) that might be asked in those subfields
3. List the factors that might limit a species geographic distribution
4. List four global climate patterns that shape earth’s ecosystems.
5. Circle the appropriate terms
Warm wet air rises / falls at the equator and flows towards / away from the equator. Rising air
loses / gains moisture. High altitude air masses descend / ascend towards earth absorbing / releasing
moisture from the land resulting in deserts areas.
6. Define thermocline
7. Match the aquatic zone to the description
A. pelagic
B. Benthic
C. photic
D. Abyssal
C. littoral
_______1. Zone with highest rate of photosynthesis
_______2. deepest regions of ocean floor
_______3. zone with little or no photosynthesis
_______4. shallow, well lighted water close to shore
_______5. zone with richest amounts of organic sediments
8. Where in Washington state would you expect to find oligotrophic lakes? _____________________
9. Where in Washington State would you expect to find eutrophic lakes? _________________________