Name:_________________________ Date: _________Period:___ Monday 9/14/09 - agenda review

Name:_________________________ Date: _________Period:___
Agenda Week of 14 Sep – 19 Sep 2009 Class website:
Monday 9/14/09 - agenda review
Review Questions
Collect Last week’s Agenda
HW: Gather all Unit 1 assignments and
bring to class on Tuesday for Portfolio
preparation – Our Ecology book that will be
used to review for Fall Semester Final
Tuesday 9/15/09
Review Questions
A hurricane sweeps across a small Caribbean island, killing 50
percent of the herbivore species on the island. Which of the
following is the most immediate result?
A A decline in decomposer populations
B An acceleration of the carbon cycle
C An increase in predator populations
D A reduction in biodiversity
Portfolio Preparation
 Cover Page
 Summary Factsheet
 Portfolio Evaluation
 Learning Skills Reflection
 Table of Contents
HW: Study for Unit 1 EXAM
Complete Agenda
Wednesday 9/16/09 – Late Start
Flashcard Review : learning/embedding
HW: Study for Ecology EXAM
Complete Portfolio
Thursday 9/17/09
EXAM Review
HW: Study for Ecology EXAM
Friday 9/18/09 –
Submit Unit 1 Portfolio
Parents/Guardian –
I have reviewed my child’s activities and
homework for the week of 9/14/09 –
I understand:
 The importance for me to make sure
that my child is studying and
prepared for the EXAM and has
completed all assignments this
 There will be a Unit EXAM on
Parent/Guardian Printed Name
Which of the following describes the relationship between the
sedge and the arctic hare?
1. competition
2. producer-consumer
3. mutualism
4. host-parasite
Which processes return Carbon into the atmosphere?
A feeding and combustion C feeding and
B combustion and
D photosynthesis and
Primary Consumer
Secondary Consumer
What role does the decomposer have in the food web
Bell Ringers: Week of 14 Sep – 18 Sep 2009
Monday – A fire is burning in the neighborhood and you notice a toxic smell to the smoke. You make
observations about your environment and decide where it is safest to go. You decided how contamination is
transported, what did you decide?
Tuesday –
In the diagram, which organism provides nutrients for the largest
number of other organisms?
A. Snapper
B. Bluefish
C. Seal
D. Herring
In the diagram, which organism is the producer?
In the diagram, which organism is the top predator?
Wednesday - Study the Nitrogen Cycle:
Box A represents another form in which Nitrogen could be
found in the environment. Where is this form stored?
A. living organisms
B. oceans
C. dead organisms
D. atmosphere
Thursday –
According to the diagram above, what is the maximum percentage of energy
available to a hawk that consumes a herbivorous field mouse?
Friday – Exam