Due date: June 12, 2013 Chapter 2 homework:

Due date: June 12, 2013
Chapter 2 homework:
1. How many distinct section numbers are there?
2. How many students are enrolled?
3. Are all the students enrolled?
4. Are all the instructors teaching at least one section?
5. Which campus will Ms Irene Willig and Ms Nina Schorin be teaching?
6. Which courses do not require any prerequisite?
7. List the instructor IDs that will be teaching at least 9 classes in 2007 semester year
regardless of the semester month.
8. How many distinct students registered after January 15, 2007 and before February 1,
9. List course, section ID and section number that has the least capacity. Where is it going
to be held?
10. Which state(s) has/have the zip code starting with number 4?