CEP 121 Reflective essay


CEP 121

Reflective essay

Reflective essay

My career dilemma has always been the financial aspect of my career. Since the beginning of high school I’ve always aspired to be a doctor and I knew that the costs involved with this career are monumental. This never stopped me because I know that somehow I will make it. After a lot of research I came up with the idea to study over seas. This was the first option that I considered. Studying overseas would cost about eight or nine thousand dollars per year to cover tuition and living costs. The only problem is that I would be studying in Ukraine, Europe. After a lot of consideration I had decided to go through with it. The only reproach is re-entering the United States as a doctor has more tedious tasks involved. Once you finish over seas, you must take three tests which are very difficult. I know two people who studied over seas and are still trying to pass these exams, two years later. I never gave up looking for alternatives. One day a friend of mine told me about Stony Brooke Medical College. He mentioned how affordable the school is and how it falls with the top ten medical colleges in New York state. I decided to call the school and do more research. After further research, I found that Stony Brooke Medical College costs about fifteen thousand dollars per year give or take personal requirements, and is conveniently located in Long Island New York! I finally have a targeted goal in mind which falls within reason to what is affordable to me.

After speaking to my father he also gave me his support and blessings.

I learned that my personality traits match those needed to be in the medical field.

My personality traits are investigative, realistic, artistic, and social. I had my career field

already figured out so there were no surprises there. I already knew what education would be involved, and the amount of years needed to complete the residency and requirements to become a doctor. I have taken advantage of the guides provided by this class which have really improved my goal setting skills. I have a goal to begin medical school in January of two thousand and ten. I have not begun any internships as of yet, however I will work with my counselor, Mrs. Pinder to assure my success for the tedious requirement of medical school; over one thousand hours of hospital or emergency room experience. This class has also provided me with the tools to better my resume skills which in my opinion were already very good. I have learned to be short and to the point and to make those points stand out to the employers instead of being over wordy.

I think that the most valuable lesson for me is in interviewing skills. I have a vast background in recruiting and hiring, yet I have learned a lot from this class on interviewing skills. I guess it is different when you interview someone compared to being interviewed yourself! I cannot believe I still get nervous! I have learned to include a cover letter, research the company I am interviewing with, and the handshake trade off with the resume! Feel more compelled to pursue my career due to the experiences and research conducted in this class.