Mid Term Project

Farhana Khondokar
AMM 101, 7020
Prof: L, leff
Mid Term Project
People say that “real success is finding your life work that you love to do” and I
truly agree on it. Because I think that, I should choose my career that I believe is best for
me, which is satisfied me by not only money but also gives me freedom in where I could
show my creativity, my new ideas and able to express myself as a successful woman in
my career. In that case business is only way to prove my self because in today’s world it
is useless to be a creative original thinker unless you can also publish what you create.
Market can not be accepted to recognize a good idea unless it is presented to them by
good representative.
I am from a business background family. I had grown up seeing my father’s
business activities. I have seen his enthusiasm, hard work, honesty, success and sometime
failure either. He has a garments factory and this is our family business, where is
produced jeans and T-Shirts and he exports them to the foreign markets. Through my
childhood to teenage I used to go to our factory with my father and saw where the fabrics
came from and how they turn in to jeans. I saw that the employees were cutting cloths in
certain ways, stitching them and made jeans pants and T-shirts. I saw their hard work
whole day long and also realized my father’s motivations as an owner. All these coordinations, negotiations, enthusiasms and motivations create a spirit in my mind and
encourage me to think myself as a business woman in future. As a creative thinker I have
an idea that I know I could turn into a business. I have an interest in fashion designing
and I believed that I could establish a small boutique shop where I would sell my own
design clothes and party costumes which will come from my own garments factory.
In my country Bangladesh I saw a gap in fashion industry and I am confident that
I can fill it up. I know my country has a good reputation in garments business in export
markets but we don’t have that much creative designer in my country. So most of the
time our fashion and garments industries are imported the designs from other country’s
designer in high rate or sometime they steel the new trend and copy them. So there is no
creativity and originality in my country and also loosing reputation and high amount of
money to import the design from other country. In this situation if somebody gets the
fashion design degree and establishes his own business, he doesn’t have to expend his
money to import the design and at the same time he can show his creativity and
originality in his career. He could set a new trend in his own.
I think I should define my future steps in business clearly so that others can
see them as I do. Now I am trying my best to finish my associate degree as a business
major. After that I will join fashion institute to get the degree as a professional fashion
designer. I already have my diploma in fashion designing from Bangladesh which will
help me in future to finish my bachelor degree in fashion designing. I have a plan to work
for some one else at least four or five years so that I could have practical experience
about business world and understand the trams and conditions in more details. At first
would like to start my business as a small tie-dying boutique corner where I would
represent my design clothes and sell them to other well known fashion company First to
see the market responses, how they accept me and my ideas than letter on, I have a plan
to start my store and established own brand’s clothes which I would export in
international markets. I believed that profession will give me the freedom to work
individually and I could make my own identity in my career.
Finally I would like to shear one of my father’s comments that “If you greatly
desire something and work hard on your desire, God will also help you to reach that
dream.” This comment is really motivating me, encourage me to follow his path and
established my self as a business woman and continue my family business in future.