Self Assessment

Self Assessment
As I already said in the first class, I have no idea what I want to do, and where I am going careerwise. To make it sound even worse: I don’t even know in which country I will be 2 years from
now. But I don’t see any of these facts as handicaps at all, I see them as opportunities to find my
way to happiness in life and work. I see this as being flexible, instead of being uninterested or
After I get my degree at LaGuardia, I will be free to work in the United States for 1 year.
At this moment, I just started an internship at ShopWiki, writing copy for the website that is
being set up at this moment in my mother language. Up till now it seems like great fun and I
discovered I really like the work, involving research and writing. This internship could lead to
my first job in the U.S. , or not. I will be open to whatever happens, it could be that I want to
work there and they want me too, that would mean that I could start my career at ShopWiki and
stay in the U.S. The other possibility it doesn’t work out, then I will just continue the search,
being one experience richer. I will know more about what I am good at, and what I am less good
I think in that way, I am very creative: I am not afraid to make mistakes and I do realize
there are multiple ways to reach my goals. My goals in life and career are simple: I want to be
happy and comfortable with what I am doing, I would not want to work somewhere I dread
going in the morning and I don’t care about money as long as I can eat and have a roof over my
head. I believe it is this creativity that is going to help me in the future, as I might have to change
my path many times due to passport issues. If the first thing doesn’t work out, I will keep my
eyes and ears open to a different option. In fact, even when I am doing an internship now, I am
still interested to hear about other opportunities that could be interesting to me. I believe that
when I get to the career that is right for me, I will know it from inside. Because a career that fits,
will not make you feel like you are getting up to go to work to make money: it will feel like you
are going to continue where you left yesterday, moving towards a goal you feel passionate about.