Michael Rodriguez AMM 104 Prof. Lytle


Michael Rodriguez Prof. Lytle AMM 104 19 April 2009 Net Savvy Homework Chapter 10 Procter & Gamble is a huge consumer goods company with tons of product lines which includes healthcare products, cleaning products, cosmetics, small appliances, batteries, snacks, paper products, air fresheners, child care products, pet nutrition products, and finally prescription drugs. One product category is shampoo. P & G has a diverse product line of shampoos. This line includes the following brands: Aussie, Fekkai, Head & Shoulders, Herbal Essences, Infusium 23, and finally Pantene. Aussie shampoos are marketed towards people who are looking for a natural look. Fekkai is a luxury brand shampoo. Head & Shoulders is a shampoo that helps to eliminate dandruff. Herbal Essences is an herbal shampoo that gives your hair a good look. Infusium 23 is all-in-one shampoo that takes good care of your hair. Finally, Pantene is a vitamin shampoo that reinvigorates your hair thanks to the vitamins it has in it. This is a diverse product line that caters to the many needs of consumers when it comes to shampoos in the end. The top five brands are Coca Cola from the U.S. with a value of $66,667 million, IBM from the U.S. with a value of $59,031 million, Microsoft from the U.S. with a value of $59,007 million, General Electric from the U.S. with a value of $53,086 million, and finally Nokia from Finland with a value of $35,942 million. All of these firms have retained their brand position from last year. Between 2007 and 2008, all of these brands have increased in value monetary-wise. Coca Cola has the greatest value because the

brand went up by 5% between 2007 and 2008. IBM is the next one because the brand increased in value by 1% between 2007 and 2008. Microsoft and GE both decreased in value by 2% between 2007 and 2008. Finally, the brand with the greatest decrease is Nokia which went down by 5% between 2007 and 2008. Chapter 11 Mophie, an I-pod accessory company has come up with a new and innovative product called “Juice Pack Air”. This product is able to double the battery life of the I phone while protecting it in a hard shell case. This product has a good utility function since it is an ultra light and thin product that can be carried around with ease. Also, it is a very safe product to use. Its appearance is good since it matches up well with the I-phone. Its ease of maintenance is good since it has a great design to back it up. It is a good value since the product is certified by Apple itself and it has a good price point of $79.95. Finally, this product communicates the company philosophy well because it has a cool design and a great function for the I-phone. All of these things are important for this new product because without any of these key features, people will perceive this product to be of low quality. By having all of these key features, people will think this product is high quality since it has all of these relevant features. Thanks to this, people will buy this product due to the perception of it being a good value in the end. MINI is an independent brand of car under the ownership of the BMW group. MINI has plans to introduce an innovative product which is a perpetual motion magnetic propulsion system. With this system, MINI intends to make its cars more fuel-efficient and eco-friendly with this system. This type of system runs on electricity. Thanks to this, this car can travel extraordinary distances for just a few cents. Thanks to these

innovations, when this product gets introduced, it will be a solid introduction because people are looking for more fuel efficient cars and this product fills that need. After the introduction, the product will start to hit the growth stage where people will buy it in droves thanks to it being fuel-efficient and eco-friendly. It will then hit the maturity stage when very significant parts of the population already own this product. Finally, this product will hit the decline stage when a better and more efficient product of its type comes out. This product has good value since it is eco-friendly, fuel-efficient, and saves money on gas in the end. Another new product from BMW is the BMW assist’s Automatic Collision Notification service. This service helps drivers to get emergency help when needed. When this product was introduced, it took off immediately because it greatly promoted driver safety. This product grew tremendously because it helped to save people’s lives when they got into an accident. This product has reached maturity because a lot of people already own this product. Finally, this product shows no signs of declining since it will always be needed for safety reasons in the end. Chapter 12 JetBlue is an airline company that offers great service at affordable prices. They have a friendly staff and they offer all-in-one bookings which include air fare, hotel reservations, and car rentals. They also give you free food and Direct TV. When it comes to tangibility both JetBlue and American Airlines have extensive physical facilities, equipment, and personnel. Both companies are very responsive when they need to because they care about their customers. Both companies have high reliability since a lot of their customers talk about them positively. Most customers feel assured by both companies since they both provide reliable service. Finally, both companies are good

when it comes to empathy since they go out of their way to help their customers including ones that are disabled. Marriott makes it easy to reserve rooms online. You can select where you want to go and you can select any hotel brand that Marriott has. After you select what you want, you reserve your room. It is an easy and reliable system that’s user-friendly. The BBB online privacy program is a reliability assurance program from the Better Business Bureau that gives reliability seals to companies that follow this program. This seal from this program proves that the business in question is a reliable and trustworthy business. Marriott includes this seal on its web site because they want to prove that they are a company dedicated to being reliable, honest, and trustworthy with their customers in the end.