Who Am I

Who Am I
I am me, the one you see and know and love, the one who makes you laugh. The one
you trust with your darkest secrets when the dark is your only path. I am the world
around you, immortaled by visuals haunting your every sight, but the same sight you see
on a daily basis always ready for that fight. To protect those I love and have a great care,
I’ll bend over backwards when the back can no longer bare the burdens of others
including my own, now that’s a lot of weight to hold. I am that light-skinned brother
FaSho that has fallen off the map, that light-skinned brother to bring the mulatto back
so who am I?
I am a son. The product of two hearts blessed among others to be so loved by a father
and a mother who lived life to give me life, now what more else do I need to live. My
father back is who I need, but blessed none the less to have him all indeed. Provided for
and nurtured, such a scarce thing today, why was I picked to live my life this way? Why
am I not the one with the enlarged belly that would literally kill for some bread and
jelly? What makes me so special to be the only son, I guess I gotta thank the man
upstairs for that one, but what am I?
I am a brother to two others, both sisters, what caused this gift to be bestowed upon me?
Living with the mother of their only brother only differing by a father who faltered or
never bothered so I altered the life they had, offered the love of a brother and a dad.
Now their both grads, not just from school but of life, we’ve all paid the price to make it
thus far, but none the less, here we are. Survivin the game, separated by chance, joined
by the love bringing us together eternally as one, I AM…
A father. Tapped by the circle of life to continue the chain of existence. The architect of
the next arc in succession to create the seed of me to lead to the ever-lasting flame of
blood which flows through these veins. How insane to think she could never be,
unbelievable love has filled me whole where life as a whole has darkened my soul, but
light has been shed on that first day of ten, restoring my faith in love once again. And
again I confess I am not worthy of who I have, but worthless I’ll be if I can’t give her the
life that was given to me which is worth more to thee than anything else that could ever
be and yet you still as who I am?
I AM ME!!!