Thinking Critically (TPW p. 220)


Aaron J Hudson


Dr. Chaffee March 6 th , 2007

Thinking Critically (TPW p. 220)

1) Those who have morals believe we do owe it to others and ourselves who are less fortunate. It is a blessing to be able to do things that many people take for granted. Those of us who are aware of such things believe in “paying it forward” to say thank you to a higher power, if one believes in that. Some realize that just as easy as things are given to us, it can be taken away even easier. It’s almost of release of guilt for having what we have by helping those who don’t have as much.

2) Personally, I am a safe when it comes to keeping secrets. Then you have those secrets that may harm someone by not divulging it to someone else. Depending on the secret, I feel it is the right thing to do to retain that information from whoever is not supposed to know. Breaking that trust or bond with that person telling you the secret will be very had to gain again. As long as that secret is now life threatening or harmful to someone else, why not keep it. The payoff is better if you do.

3) Survival of the fittest started long before us humans ever roamed the earth.

Eating meat is a way of life. The circle of life to be exact. There are those who are vegetarians who survive without meat and that is fine, but it is also a personal choice. Meat is good for you, and then meat is bad for you. I don’t feel guilty at all by eating meat. On the other hand, I do feel guilt when it comes to wearing meat. Everyone has to make a living, I understand this, but killing animals for clothing, I don’t believe in. Then again, this was a way of life for early settlers as well. Evolution has taught us different ways to make a living and I feel that as a consumer, I will not support those who choose to sell animal skins to do so.

4) The “white lie” and keeping secrets almost goes hand in hand. One should never lie, right? That’s a good moral to live by, but we all have told our fair share of little white lies. If you know someone’s skin is not as thick and are offended easily, depending on the lie, it’s ok to tweak the truth a little to spare that someone’s feelings.

5) Not at all, I am a Marine by heart and if I were in battle, it’s either me or that enemy who is going to die. I’ll be damned if its going to be me. This is an

extreme example but on a regular day, defending yourself doesn’t mean that you have to kill the person. Break an arm or a leg. This will have the same effect without ending the guy’s life. Is it wrong? Depends on the situation.

6) Yes, I am a firm believer in all men are equal, no matter what. As long as that person is able to fulfill his/her obligations to whatever job or commitment, why not. Just do it legally.

7) Again the tough skin comes into play here. Depending on the crowd you are with, a joke about someone else may be humorous…sometimes. I feel that you are safer not ridiculing anyone at all, but sometimes you are drawn into a conversation about someone else’s inabilities or their physical aspects. This may make you feel uncomfortable but then you have a choice to involve yourself in that conversation or abstain from it. You always have that choice.

8) It’s a dog eat dog world out here and if you don’t, from time to time, bend the rules in your favor, you may get left behind. Is it right? Morally…no. But it is what it is. Experience shows that the most successful people have from time to time done something a little less moral to get ahead. It may be wrong, but it is a way of life to survive.

9) You believing someone doing something for their own good may not be the same thing that they believe. However, you may be right. If it is in your power to manipulate that person to do this, you may be abusing the power given to you, even if you are right. I don’t think that one should use this tactic on a regular basis, but if you have the experience and you are sure you know what you are doing, then this may be effective, especially if the outcome is positive and that person you manipulated realizes this. They may be thankful in the end.

10) Pornography is an art form just like any other art. It’s an industry that is very profitable and those involved make a very good living at doing what they do. It’s those viewers, the perverts, and the media which give pornography a rather dark feel to it. There’s going to always be an audience out there for porn, no doubt about that. I don’t think it is wrong, I think the perception that a majority sees it as is what is unfortunate.

11) Taking care of self is always at the top of my priorities. It may not be always the first thing but it definitely ranks in the top two or three. I always put my daughter before me. I don’t believe we should always put others before ourselves. If you don’t take care of yourself, it’s pretty hard to take care of others. You definitely have to prioritize who’s more important, you or that other person.

12) Only to a point, parents are responsible for the misdeeds of their children.

What if that child is mentally disturbed? It may be the faulty genes passed down from their parents but there’s not much the parents can do about that short of placing that child in professional care. And if the parents aren’t financially able to do so, they try to do the best they can to keep their children safe. Now if the parents neglect, do not care, or just give up on their children, they are definitely at fault for these misdeeds. Being their for your children does wonders for their upbringing. If you’re not there, it can hinder their progress in growing up to be mature and making the right decisions in life.