Aaron J Hudson November 16, 2005 AMM 101

Aaron J Hudson
AMM 101
Dr. Silverman
November 16, 2005
Chapter 16: Key Terms
1. Advertising Agency: An independent firm that plans, produces, and places
advertising for its client.
2. Order Getter: A salesperson who is responsible for selling a firm’s products to
new customers and increasing sales to present customers.
3. Creative Selling: Selling products to new customers and increasing sales to
present customers.
4. Order Taker: A salesperson who handles repeat sales in ways that maintain
positive relationships with customers.
5. Sales Support Personnel: Employees who aid in selling but are more involved in
locating prospects, educating customers, building goodwill for the firm, and
providing follow-up service.
6. Missionary Sales Person: A salesperson-generally employed by a manufacturerwho visits retailers to persuade them to buy the manufacturer’s products.
7. Trade Salesperson: A salesperson-generally employed by a food producer or
processor-who assists customers in promoting products, especially in retail stores.
8. Technical Salesperson: A salesperson who assists a company’s current
customers in technical matters.
9. Consumer Sales Promotional Method: A sales promotion method designed to
attract consumers to particular retail stores and to motivate them to purchase
certain new or established products.
10. Trade Sales Promotion Method: A trade sales promotion method designed to
encourage wholesalers and retailers to stock and actively promote a
manufacturer’s product.
11. Rebate: A return of part of the purchase price of a product.
12. Coupon: Reduces the retail price of a particular item by a stated amount at the
time of purchase.
13. Sample: A free product given to customers to encourage trial.
14. Premium: A gift that a producer offers the customer in return for buying its
15. Frequent-User Incentive: A program developed to reward customers who
engage in repeat (frequent) purchases.
16. Point-of-Purchase Display: Promotional material placed within a retail store.
17. Trade Show: An industry-wide exhibit at which many sellers display their
18. Buying Allowances: A temporary price reduction to resellers for purchasing
specified quantities of a product.
19. Cooperative Advertising: An arrangement whereby a manufacturer agrees to pay
a certain amount of the retailer’s media cost for advertising the manufacturer’s
20. Publicity: Communication in news-story form about an organization, its products,
or both.
21. News Release: A typed page of about 300 words provided by an organization to
the media as a form of publicity.
22. Feature Article: A piece (of up to 3,000 words) prepared by an organization for
inclusion in a particular publication.
23. Captioned Photograph: A picture accompanied by a brief explanation.
24. Press Conference: A meeting at which invited media personnel hear important
news announcements and receive supplementary textual materials and
25. Promotional Campaign: A plan for combining and using the four promotional
methods-advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, and publicity-in a
particular promotion mix to achieve one or more marketing goals.
26. Positioning: The development of a product image in buyers’ minds relative to the
images they have of competing products.