Cherry Sudartono LIB200 Topic Sentence

Cherry Sudartono
Topic Sentence
Research Question: How does the “First-Person View” in Halo 3, a multiplayer online
first-person view shooter video games, affect a player psychologically?
1. What is a first-person view?
a. Literature (First-person narrative/interpretation)
i. “First-person narrative is a literary technique in which the story is
narrated by one character, who explicitly refers to him or herself in the
first person, that is, using words and phrases involving "I" and "we".”
(Wikipedia, First-person narrative)
ii. Famous books that includes FPV (first person view): The Adventure of
Huckleberry and Finn by Mark Twain, Wuthering Heights by Emily
Bronte, and The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Different – in a
sense of Who is the narrator.
b. Usage in movies/motion pictures (Cinematography)
i. How and when is it used? What camera angle?
ii. Example of movies? Doom? Titanic?
iii. First Person Narrative in movies? Morgan Freeman in The Shawshank
Redemption, Edward Norton in Fight Club
c. Adaptation to Games
i. First-person Shooter – History? What is the first one? Bungie’s
ii. What do we “see”? Typically – life bar, radar/map, “your” hands,
holding weapons etc.
iii. Difference with “third-person”. The different angles of third-person.
2. What is Halo 3?
a. Synopsis
i. Survival of Earth from alien invasion – The Covenant
ii. Halo – The Flood
iii. Last Hope (Hero) Master Chief and Arbiter
b. Characters Main – Master Chief Petty Officer John-117, The Arbiter,
Cortana (A.I), Catherine Halsey, Miranda Keyes, Sergeant Johnson.
c. Developer – Bungie
i. When is it established?
ii. History in gaming? (need to look for more sources!)
d. Advertising
i. Believe
ii. The John-117 Monument / The Museum of Humanity
3. Task lists for videos:
a. Create an “avatar” or in Halo 3, your own Spartan/Elite
b. Interview Players:
i. Kalidozo BX 7
ii. ImB0red
iii. LuNarFox2501
iv. Jackazz
Cherry Sudartono
Topic Sentence
v. AverageJoe24
vi. Azn GrL
vii. Gteck
c. Interview Questions
i. Do you feel connected to your avatar? In what ways? Why do you
make him/her the way it is? Explain as much as you can.
ii. How do you think, being “the person” who fires the shot, throws a
grenade, kill another player, affects you as a person in RL and in the
game itself?
iii. When you’re playing with your teammates, do you feel connected with
them? Would you go as far to say that you have a “band of
brotherhood” like connection to your teammates as how people in the
military would?
iv. When other people say taunts to you, do you feel that they’re insulting
your pride in RL? And not who you are in the game?
v. When you are killed by other players, have you ever feel so angry that
you wish that you know this person in RL so that you can hurt this
person physically?
vi. In the end? Does the line that separates RL and Halo 3 exist? When
and where does it starts and ends?