IEEE 802.19 Study Group

IEEE 802.19 Study Group
• In November 2004 the Executive
Committee approved an 802 P&P change
to require production of a Coexistence
Assurance (CA) document for all new
unlicensed wireless projects which could
potentially impact coexistence with other
802 wireless networks
CA Methodology
• The 802.19 TAG took on the task of
producing an internal 802.19 document
describing how to produce such a CA
• The TAG currently has a 64 page
document, which is a work in progress,
but is starting to be used by the working
– 802.15.4b
Study Group
• The TAG believes that using the current internal
document as a starting point it could produce an
IEEE Recommended Practice or Guide that
would be very useful to the industry
• The IEEE document would describe how to
predict coexistence of wireless networks
• The document would target the following classes
of wireless networks
• Form a Study Group to develop a PAR
and Five Criteria for an IEEE
Recommended Practice or Guide on
Prediction of Coexistence between
wireless networks
– Move
– Second
– Vote
Steve Shellhammer
Carl Stevenson