Inventory for Colleges and Universities: Getting Ready

Inventory for Colleges and Universities: Getting Ready
Getting Ready: Preparation
Partnering with school systems and high schools to
help them align high school completion standards
with the requirements for success in first-year
college courses.
EAP: Eng & Math
Pacifica: Health
Collaborating with school systems to recruit,
prepare, and support new teachers to work in
targeted schools serving low-income communities
CA Post-2ndary Ed
grant: Ocean View (K-5)
BITSA support:
Pacifica HS Education
Providing content area professional development
for English language, art, mathematics, and
science teachers.
EAP in 32 high schools
CPEC Grant to increase
math content
MAST: collaborating
with comm. colleges to
increase M&S teachers
Partnering with middle and high schools to offer
students and their parent/guardians a continuum of
college and career exploration and counseling
activities, including a college awareness
curriculum, campus visits, and assistance
completing admissions and financial aid
TECA Partnershipmultiple visits to U. Our
freshmen talk to their
ETS (600 students)
In Progress
EAP: more
schools; Reading
Institute for
Academic Prep
Reading & Writing
Course (ERWC)
Reading Institutes for
Academic Preparation
Oxnard Scholars 37 students fall
08; 60 fall 09
Early Recruitment
P-16 Wells Fargo
Migrant Ed
Mid Year Status
Ran a RIAP workshop for 13
high school teachers in 5
schools; 2 schools with high
populations of low SES.
ERWC for 55 teachers.
Recruitment distributed EAP
information to all groups.
Did not receive grant
BITSA – continuing
relationship with VC office of
Ed to support teachers
working in low-income
“Start up” coach for interns in
credential program
Moorpark: In-service for
science teachers
EAP Ran a RIAP workshop
for 13 high school teachers in
5 schools; 2 schools with high
populations of low SES.
ERWC for 55 teachers,
Oxnard Scholars: challenged
by staffing @ OC. (5 schools
identify 10 scholars to be OC
scholars and receive free
tuition for 2 years)
Wells Fargo grant not funded
Training teachers and counselors in the basics of
college planning, admissions, and financial aid.
CSU Counselor Day
CSUCI Educator Day
Providing/expanding dual enrollment and bridge
programs to help students make successful
transitions to college.
Degree in Three – 1 HS;
14 students
Moorpark Nursing
U:/10-DEAN’S OFFICE\College Keys\Inventory for Colleges and Universities\Getting Ready.doc\rf
32 juniors and 32
sophomores in TECA
Super Sunday “Train the
Degree in 3
expanded to more
high schools
Getting Ready
Getting Ready: Preparation
Supporting school efforts to provide academic
support for students challenged in collegepreparatory courses, including tutoring and reading,
math, and study skills development.
ETS – study skills for
middle/high schools
Understanding A-G
In Progress
Adopt Expository
Course in HS
ALEKS on-line
Math tutorial HS
EDUC 101 –
provide 33hours
of tutoring in
reading and math
skills in K-3
classrooms at
School schools
Mid Year Status
485students served/600
capacity – served 4 lowincome high schools & 5 lowincome middle schools in
Oxnard, Fillmore, and Santa
EOP Summerbridge 21
students /40 capacity
Other (Please describe)
Remedial education programs for under-prepared
Informing, educating, and motivating K-8th grade
students about college education through a 3-hour,
on campus, program that covers A-G,
SAT/ACT/PSAT, GPA, Financial Aid, Systems of
Higher Education in CA, as well as a tour and a
student panel.
Communication 101 students are trained by
Outreach staff to apply their basic public speaking
skills to develop and deliver Outreach
presentations to 6th-8th grade students in local
schools. The presentations cover the same
information that the PTC program covers, but adds
a group portfolio, brochure and power point.
Provides parents of would-be first generation
students with a comprehensive 9-week curriculum
that aims to equip the parent with the tools
necessary to understand and successfully navigate
the educational system from Kindergarten through
University 100, Math
94-5 and Eng 102
EOP Learning
Pathways to College
(PTC) serves 28
schools per year, on
average, and 50
students per visit, on
COMM-Unity 101 serves
approximately 350
students per academic
year, at @ 5 schools.
Parents Institute for
Quality Education
(PIQE) serves
approximately 400
parents per calendar
year at 5 schools.
U:/10-DEAN’S OFFICE\College Keys\Inventory for Colleges and Universities\Getting Ready.doc\rf
600/600 – ETS program at
Learning Com 12/21
Staff to support this
program during
26 schools & 2 on site;
600 students/12 schools
Adopt this program
for all Communication
101 classes.
Addressed 592 students in 12
middle schools
Working with CO to
strengthen communication
and collaboration. Provided
certificates to ---- parents.
Getting Ready
Getting Ready: Preparation
Provides 3rd – 8th grade Migrant Education students
in El Rio School District with an opportunity to visit
our campus and participate in age appropriate
college awareness/preparation workshops. Occurs
during the Spring, on a Saturday.
Migrant Education Day
serves approximately
175 students, from 3-4
U:/10-DEAN’S OFFICE\College Keys\Inventory for Colleges and Universities\Getting Ready.doc\rf
In Progress
Expanding this
program for other
school districts
Mid Year Status
Special awards luncheon for
achieving 8th graders in the
Rio district
Migrant Ed Day April
4 (250 students + 100
Ed History 445 – After school
tutoring for farm workers @
housing development site.
Getting Ready