Purpose: To diagram and describe the structure and function of Flowering... reproductive structures



To diagram and describe the structure and function of Flowering Plants and their reproductive structures


Flower, fruit, absorbent paper, drawing materials, cutting device- scissors or scalpel

(be careful)


1.Carefully inspect fruit and describe the color, texture and size of external parts

Be sure to provide metric measurements for all drawings.

2.Dissect fruit by removing at least half of body of fruit- in any case- the internal structure should be revealed and any seeds present clearly displayed. Draw and label this view.

3.Continue dissection by removing seeds and drawing them. How many seeds are present? If possible open and draw and desrcribe parts

4.Describe the skin of your fruit. (Thickness, texture, interior and exterior color, etc.)

5.How is your fruit produced and how do you suppose the seeds would be spread in nature?


Compile results for final write-up. Drawings should include labels and all views of flowers and fruits. Text should be clearly and legibly written or typed- it MUST include the common and Latin names of the organisms. ALL spelling should be corrected for final submission. Include a cover sheet.

Conclusions or summary

: What did you learn about the structures of these specimens?

What does the fruit look like?

How are seeds for this organism spread?

Why are their differences in fruit coverings, textures, thickness and water content?