Your Project (You will need to check this with your... own idea! another project

Your Project (You will need to check this with your teacher first)
You may however decide to do another project something that is your
own idea! If you do this however you need to convince your teacher it is
a suitable project to do. You will need to design and make something that
compliments your skills. You will need to think about room issues such as
size and storage, don’t make something too big! You also can only make
something out of wood or plastic the workshop is not geared up for metal
You will have to write your own situation. A situation is an outline of the
problem. State the problem and word the situation similar to the other
example situations given.
Design Brief
Your design brief is an outline of what you will design to solve your
problem. State the brief and word it similar to the other example briefs
given. I will need to:
Design and make a 3D solution? (Name it)
It can be a model; it does not have to function!
What others items will you design and make?
Design and make a 2D solution, packaging, etc.
Produce a display for the product.
It will need to be a range of products including 2D and 3D