Board Game Project Situation popular board games

Board Game Project
A leading toy manufacturer that produces some of the world’s most
popular board games is facing a problem. The popularity of computer
games and handheld consoles has meant a dramatic decline in board
game sales. It has also meant that people tend to play games on their
own instead of with friends and family. The company needs a new and
exciting product that will encourage people to buy and play non-electronic
games again.
Design Brief
I will design and make a new game that can be played by two or more
players at once. It will not be a computer game or console based game. I
will need to:
Design the concept and theme of the game.
Design the games name and graphics.
Design and make the game, pieces & packaging.
Produce an instruction leaflet on how to play the game.
Produce a point of sale display or a game box for the game.
Produce a poster to advertise the game.
Plus any other materials required for the board game.