Final Thoughts and Discussion


Final Thoughts and Discussion

Online Resources




Chris Murphy:

Words of Advice: Documentation

There are many examples of Android code online

Use the ones from when it is possible

However, there are occasional errors in the doc!

The tutorials are good for taking you through a particular topic step-by-step, but they assume a lot of Java knowledge

The tutorials also make heavy use of Application

Resource files

Words of Advice: Technical Issues

The Eclipse emulator can be a bit flaky, esp. when it comes to anything with timing

Pay particularly close attention to the signatures of callback methods. You won't get an error just because you misspelled something or used the wrong parameters.

Debugging is difficult since there is no

System.out.println. Get to know LogCat.


Will your students be prepared to do Android programming? How can you get them to that point?

What sorts of apps would you like them to develop?

What skills do you need to improve upon in order to teach Android programming?