Romeo and Juliet

LA 9 Notebook Assignment: Romeo and Juliet
As we read the play, keep track of what is happening with the characters, plot, theme, and
language. When we finish the play, you will turn in your Romeo and Juliet notebook. Here are the
You may simply staple lined paper together to create a “notebook”. You will need
approximately 15 pages. (Hint…use loose-leaf paper and keep it in your binder. You can
take it out and staple it together before you turn it in.)
There are 5 acts in the play. Each act is divided into 3-7 scenes. For each scene, do these
 List the major characters.
 Select one key passage; write it down.
 Draw a picture of a key event. (You might use the passage as a caption for your
picture.) Remember that detailed stick figures are great! See attached “Mr. Stick”
 Paraphrase the passage. Put it into your own words.
 Each scene is filled with Shakespeare’s wonderful figurative language. Find at least
two examples of metaphor, simile, or personification in the scene. Write it down and
label it.
o Metaphor: a comparison between two unlike things in which one thing
becomes another—Example: The moon was a crisp white cracker.
o Simile: a comparison of two or more unlike things, using the words like or as—
Example: The moon was as white as milk. Or The moon shone like a lantern in
the sky.
o Personification: a figure of speech that treats an object as if it were a living
person—Example: The moon shed her tears over the empty world.
o Pun: A play on words, drawing on the multiple meanings of a word. Example:
Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana.