Agenda October 9

Agenda October 9
 Go over homework
 Acceleration Lab completion
 The Universe and more, quick graphing
practice 9:15 in the computer room
 Time to work on lab and homework
Today’s Physics concept:
Acceleration is a change
in velocity.
Vocabulary: final velocity
End of class
 An aircraft has a landing
speed of 83.9 m/s. The
landing area of an aircraft
carrier is 195 m long. What
is the minimum uniform
acceleration required for a
safe landing? -18.0 m/s
Turn in
 Turn in Daily Lifeline
 Homework (if not
checked off)
 Lab if done
Please staple everything together.
due Oct 14
 Section Review pg. 59
 problems 1-6
 Formal lab write up due Oct. 14