Associate Deans and Academic Support Group Meeting
December 5, 2006
8:30 – 10:00 am
CU 299
Present: Laura Goodwin, Sara Potter, Cliff Young, Tammy Stone, Clark Strickland,
Frank Jermance, Ellen Stevens, Roxanne Byrne, Kathleen Bollard, Linda deLeon, Obe
Hankins, Dorothy Yates, Paul Rakowski, Yuk Lee, Kathleen Bollard, Rene Galindo, John
Trapp, JC Bosch, Dona Uyeno
Guest: Bill Freud
The minutes from the 11.21.06 meeting were approved ~ BRILLANT!
No announcements were presented.
Updates: Rox reported that progress on the new degree audit implementation is going
well, and that the next step is for the “fit gap” analysis to be completed. She asked the
group to ask their units and faculty to help the coders define degree requirements.
Calendar Items:
Fall 2006 Commencement on Saturday, December 16, 2006 at 9am at the Colorado
Convention Center.
President Brown and Chancellor Wilson’s holiday party in NC Atrium will be 12/21/06
from 2:30-4pm.
Discussion Items:
1. On-line faculty orientation: Ellen distributed a revised draft of the proposal for an
on line orientation program. Ellen hopes to launch this program fall 2007. She
said that Blackboard will be the platform for the program. She asked the group to
look at the breakdown of figures for paying for the various deliverables. The
sums were incorrect and she will re-calculate the budget. Ellen explained that her
office would be responsible for the minor updating of the information, and CITT
would update larger changes.
Next Steps: Ellen will correct the budget. She will present the on line program
proposal to Deans Council, indicating Associate Deans’ support.
2. IT security issues (handouts): Bill Freud stressed the importance of CU being in
compliance and ‘raising the bar’ to meet federal regulations. He went through the
Chancellor’s memo sent previously to all faculty and staff which outlines the
various ways to protect electronic data. Bill asked the individual schools and
colleges to take on the role of identifying how they will implement and supervise
the security issues for faculty and staff under the recommended system policies.
The group discussed several issues for Bill to consider:
Define what information needs to be protected.
Define what information on computers should be deleted or stored (and
for how long to store it).
Develop a corresponding policy for paper storage of records
Notify faculty and staff of liability issues and educate them to the risks
and penalties for not following system policies.
Develop a process for decisions to be made; Bill is developing an IT
policy group.
Produce case studies to show breaches of protected data that have
Develop a FAQ handout for schools and colleges to understand how to
interpret the policies.
Possibly train school/college representatives on what information is kept
and deleted and how it is deleted and where it is stored
Provide IT assistance for the Chairs to be in compliance in their schools
and colleges.
Next Steps: Bill will send Laura roles for the developing IT policy group and will
solicit nominations for the group. Bill will follow up with more guidelines related to
the new policies, as they become available.
Information Items:
Reminder memo re: RTP dossier drop-off