MATH 124 – Calculus I With Applications Fall 2007

MATH 124 – Calculus I With Applications
Fall 2007
Instructor: Grethe Hystad
Office hours: Monday: 10 am-11 am (math 304).
Office: math 304
Tuesday: 12 pm-1 pm (math East 145).
Phone: 621 1618
Thursday: 10 am-11 am (math 304).
Course Webpage:
Text: Calculus, Fourth Edition by Hughes-Hallett et al. published by Wiley.
Attendance: Students are expected to attend every scheduled class and to be familiar with the
University Class Attendance policy as it appears in the General Catalog. It is the student’s
responsibility to keep informed of any announcements, syllabus adjustments or policy changes
made during scheduled classes. Students are expected to behave in accordance with the Student
Code of Conduct and the Code of Academic Integrity. The guiding principle of academic
integrity is that a student's submitted work must be the student's own. University policies can be
found at
Students who miss the first two class meeting will be administratively dropped unless they have
made other arrangements.
Homework/ Quizzes: Homework will be submitted through a computer grading program called
WebAssign. Student accounts can be purchased on-line at or through the
UA Bookstore. Your login and initial password will be provided by your instructor. Deadlines
and point values for each assignment will be posted in your class account when you login. Late
homework submissions will not be accepted. Hand-written homework and in-class quizzes may
also be given. Calculators will not be allowed on the quizzes unless the instructor states
explicitly that they will be permitted. There will be no make-up quizzes. Rather, at least one quiz
(the lowest one) will be dropped at the end of the semester. A final homework/quiz score based
on 100 possible points will be assigned.
In-Class Exams: The four in-class exams are scheduled for Wednesday, September 12;
Monday, October 8; Friday, November 2; and Friday, November 30. Each exam will be
worth 100 points. There will also be a 50 point Preliminary material exam given on Tuesday,
August 28. This exam will cover algebraic skills that are essential for success in Math 124. An
on-line review can be found at All electronic devices, particularly
cell phones, must be turned off during all exams. Silence and vibration modes are not allowed.
Final Exam: The final exam is a common department exam worth 200 points. It is scheduled for
Monday, December 10 from 2:00 – 4:00 pm. Additional information and a study guide can be
found at The University’s Exam regulations for final exam week will be
strictly followed. The regulations can be found at
Missed exams: Students are expected to be present for all exams. If a verifiable emergency
arises which prevents you from taking an in-class exam at the regularly scheduled time, you must
notify your instructor as soon as possible, and in any case, prior to the next regularly scheduled
class. Make-up exams will be administered only at the discretion of the instructor. If a student is
allowed to make up a missed exam, (s)he must take it at a mutually arranged time. No further
opportunities will be extended. Failure to contact your instructor as stated above or inability to
produce sufficient evidence of a real emergency will result in a grade of zero on the exam.
Calculators: A graphics calculator is an important tool that will be used in this course. Students
are expected to have a working calculator for each exam. No calculator swapping is permitted
during exams. Calculator programs can be found at
Calculators that perform symbolic manipulations such as the TI-89 might not be allowed on some of the
in-class exams.
Grades: The total number of points available on tests and homework is 750. Grades will be no
lower than those set forth in the following table
675  points  750
600  points  674
525  points  599
450  points  524
0  points  449
90% to 100%
80% to 90%
70% to 80%
60% to 70%
0% to 60%
Students with disabilities:
If you anticipate issues related to the format or requirements of this course, please meet with your
instructor to discuss ways to ensure your full participation in the course. If you determine that
formal, disability-related accommodations are necessary, it is very important that you be
registered with Disability Resources (621-3268; should notify your
instructor of your eligibility for reasonable accommodations by Friday, August 31.You and your
instructor can then plan how best to coordinate your accommodations.
Students withdrawing from the course:
If you withdraw from the course by September 14, the course will be deleted from your
enrollment record. If you withdraw from the course by October 12, you will receive a grade of
W. The University allows withdraws after October 12, but only with the Dean’s signature. Late
withdraws will be dealt with on a case by case basis, and requests for late withdraw with a W
without a valid reason may or may not be honored.
The grade of I will be awarded if all of the following conditions are met:
The student has completed all but a small portion of the required work.
The student has scored at least 50% on the work completed.
The student has a valid reason for not completing the course on time.
The student agrees to make up the material in a short period of time.
The student asks for the incomplete before grades are due, 48 hours after the final