WAITING FOR SOMETHING Waiting for someone to come my way

Waiting for someone to come my way
Keeping my eyes open every day
I only hope I’ll know him when he comes
I don’t want to feel I’m wasting my life
Waiting for someone
Inside my head I can see a face
Inside my heart a distant voice plays
And it starts quietly, and then it gets stronger
It says, "Hold on, hold on a little bit longer."
So I keep…
Sometimes I feel I've been waiting too long
Maybe he has already come and gone
Then I hear that voice and I get a little stronger
It tells me to, “Hold on, hold on a little bit longer.”
How long will I wait for him to come
Never knowing if he will
I go to sleep at night worried and wondering
But when I wake up I find that I am still
So I’ve got to
Keep on waiting, keep on waiting
Lady you’ve been lonely; It’s been far too long
It’s some kind of wonder, you keep holding on
All your patience is about to pay
Watch your life’s change today
Here’s what you’ve been asking for
You don’t have to wait any more
Open up your eyes and see
You’ve been waiting for me