SCMH 3810 Pre-PT Practicum

SCMH 3810 Pre-PT Practicum
Course is for students with junior status or above with a pre-physical therapy focus
and an overall 3.3 GPA
Course involves observation in a local physical therapy clinic
Course earns one credit hour, is graded S/U, and requires submission of a journal
due on the day classes end for the term, documenting weekly shadowing
experiences at the clinic
Course is filled by the first 3 students who email Ms. Childress and meet the
enrollment criteria, including proof of 3 Hepatitis B shots, a negative TB skin test
and a current flu shot, on the designated date during registration as announced via
the AED listserv
Those students will be sent an Enrollment Request Form to complete and return
promptly to her office (SCC 247A) with the required immunizations attached; they
must attend an orientation program
Course rotations are arranged by the students in consultation with the clinical site
after the orientation