Reading Aloud

Reading Aloud
A valuable resource for parents on the topic of reading aloud is the book
Reading Magic: Why Reading Aloud to our Children Will Change Their
Lives Forever by Mem Fox. In this books she states:
Reading aloud is a perfect time for engaging in conversations because the
reader and the listener can chat endlessly about the story, the pictures, the
words, the values and the ideas. Reading aloud and talking about what we’re
reading sharpens children’s brains. It helps develop their ability to
concentrate at length, to solve problems logically, and to express themselves
more easily and clearly. The stories they hear provide with witty phrases,
new sentences, and words of subtly meaning.
Before long children begin to understand the look of print and the way
words work in sentences and how the world words – why this happens and
that happens – and how it all comes together to mean something. In other
words, they learn to read.
Helpful Tips for Parents:
 Pick a book you like and read it first. Vary the types of reading
materials chosen. Try some new magazines and informational books.
 Try reading at a regular time each day so that it begins part of your
 Encourage your child to spontaneously comment on events and
characters in the story.
 Engage in a natural discussion with your child about possible
predictions, opinions, connections or questions that arise.
Encourage Discussion Through Questioning:
 What do you think this book will be about? Why?
 What do you think will happen next? Why? Were your guesses
 What do we know about the characters so far?
 Which part was your favorite? Why?
Resources for Choosing Books:
Trelease, Jim. “The Read Aloud Handbook”
Freeman, Judy. “Books Kids Will Sit Still For”