Satellites and Probes Exploring Outer Space

Satellites and Probes
Exploring Outer Space
What is a satellite?
Satellite: an object that orbits another object
(Ex: Moon)
Artificial Satellite: a man made object that
orbits another object (Ex: Space Station)
• There are 6 types of artificial satellites
Types of Satellites
• Communication Satellite
– Serve as relay stations,
receiving radio signals from
one location and
transmitting them to
– Can transmit TV programs,
radio and phone calls
The Tracking and Data Relay Satellite
(TDRS) shown here, relays radio,
television, and other signals between
different points in space and on Earth.
Types of Satellites (cont.)
• Navigation Satellite (GPS)
– Allow the operators of
aircraft, ships and land
vehicles anywhere on earth
to determine their locations
with great accuracy
– Hikers and people on foot
are able to utilize this tool as
Types of Satellites (cont.)
• Weather Satellite:
– Help scientists study weather patterns and
forecast the weather
Types of Satellites (cont.)
• Earth Observing
– Used to map and
monitor our planet’s
resources and everchanging chemical life
• Ex: locate mineral
deposits, determine size
of water supply, etc.
This satellite, Aqua, helps scientists study
ocean evaporation and other aspects of the
movement and distribution of Earth's water.
Making your own…
Now that you know about the different types
of satellites, you will work with a partner to
create your own, new satellite. Your
satellite should, in some way, provide
beneficial information to earth’s citizens.
Draw a picture of your satellite and write a
paragraph explaining its purpose.
Types of Satellites (cont.)
• Scientific Research Satellites:
– Some gather info. about the composition/effects of the
space near earth
– Some record changes in earth and its atmosphere
– Some observe planets, stars and other distant objects
• Military Satellites:
– Include weather, communications, navigation, and Earth
observing satellites used for military purposes