RECODE at Ryerson University Spring 2015 Research Application Form

RECODE at Ryerson University
Spring 2015 Research Application Form
RECODE at Ryerson University is a two-year initiative to scale up the social innovation
ecosystem at Ryerson University. The project organizes thematically around the United
Nations Millennium Development Goals - Poverty Alleviation & Development, Education,
Health, Human Rights, Diversity and Inclusion, Violence Prevention and Peacebuilding,
Sustainability, and Capacity Building and Engagement.
Through the Spring 2015 Call for Research Proposals, we are inviting Ryerson University fulltime tenured, tenure-track and limited-term faculty members to apply for awards up to
$10,000 each for individual or collaborative and interdisciplinary research in social
RECODE at Ryerson University emphasizes collaborative research across faculties, with
partners and other institutions. This initiative will help advance knowledge, knowledge
dissemination and best practices in social innovation. Examples of potential research
focuses include stories of success and failure, systems approaches, new techniques, and
social impact.
The deadline for applications is Monday, April 27, 2015 at 5:00 pm.
1. Applicant and Eligibility Information
a) Principal Investigator’s Full Name:
b) Position/Title at Ryerson:
c) Telephone #:
d) Ryerson Email:
f) Co-Investigator’s Full Name (if applicable):
g) Position/Title:
h) Organization:
i) Telephone #:
j) Email:
For additional investigators, please add rows above.
2. Project Information
a) What category best describes your project?
A seed project that will be used as the basis for a larger grant application
A self-contained research project
b) Please provide a title for your research project: _______________________________________
c) Please indicate the anticipated start date of the project (DD/MM/YYYY) : ________________
d) Please indicate the anticipated end date of your project (DD/MM/YYYY) : ________________
e) Which of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals will your project address (select all
that apply)?
Poverty Alleviation
Human Rights, Diversity & Inclusion
Violence Prevention & Peace Building
Capacity Building & Engagement
f) Please provide a brief description of your project in 200 words. If you are selected for an award, this
description will be used for external publication.
g) Please provide a brief literature review and theoretical framework to situate this research project
and identify the issue, gap or questions being addressed. (500 word limit)
h) Please provide a brief summary of the research design (survey, qualitative, etc.) and the
methodology to be employed for this project: (300 word limit)
i) Please provide a reference list of all works cited:
j) Please provide a brief explanation of how your research project will make a valuable contribution(s)
towards advancing knowledge and/or practice in relation to the UN Millennium Goal selected in (2e).
(300 word limit)
k) Please indicate whether the proposed project will involve research with human subjects?
(If yes, please ensure that at least 6 weeks are allotted to the Research Ethics process in your work
plan. Research Ethics approval is required prior to any data collection involving human participants.)
3. Expected Outcomes
a) Please outline any knowledge mobilization activities and outcomes you expect for this research
project: (300 word limit)
4. Project Feasibility
a) Please provide a detailed budget for your project adding rows as needed.
The Award can only be used for the direct costs of research, stipends for research assistants, the
direct costs of research dissemination, and other specific expenses described in the “Use of Grant
Funds” section of the Tri-Agency Financial Administration Guide.
Expenses (planned)
E.g. Research Assistant
Total ($)
Non-Salary Expenses
Amount ($)
Total Expenses (planned)
Revenues (planned)
Recode Award
[Insert other contributions here]
Total Revenues (planned)
Amount ($)
b) Please provide a budget justification for all items in your expected budget. (500 word limit):
c) Are there any other funding sources to which you will be applying and/or have already applied to
for this project? Yes
If yes, please elaborate:
d) Please provide a timeline for the achievement of key project activities and milestones.
E.g. Research Ethics
Weeks 1-6 or 15/04/2015-27/05/2015
Application Checklist
1. Completed application form
2. CV of Principal Investigator and any Co-Investigators
Please send your completed application package to by Monday, April 27,
2015 at 5:00 pm.