Athena Swan/Gender Equality Charter Mark An overview of Academic Promotion

Athena Swan/Gender Equality Charter Mark
An overview of Academic Promotion
and Recognition and Reward
Elaine Reid, College of Social Sciences
David Tedman, College of Medical, Veterinary
And Life Sciences
Academic Career Track
Supporting Career Development
Early Careers Development Programme
Concordat for Career Development of Researchers
Principal’s Early Career Mobility Fund
Erasmus Mobility Funding
Before applying for promotion
• Consider your career plan – is the timing right?
• Look at the promotion criteria – what evidence do you
have of meeting a preponderance of the criteria?
• Discuss with your reviewer at your P&DR meeting
• Do you have the support of your Line Manager/Director of
RI/Head of School?
Making an Application
• Review the criteria for promotion
• Review the Russell Group Benchmarking Information
• Fully complete the application form and provide evidence
as to how you meet the promotion criteria (adhere to any
word count)
• Ensure your CV is up to date using the CV template
• Ensure your publication list is up to date on Enlighten
Promotion Criteria
Research and Scholarship
This section asks for specific information:
• What are your top 4-6 outputs?
• What grants/contracts have you been awarded?
• How many PGR students?
• Ensure your supporting statement is focussed on the
information you have provided, highlight any
achievement(s) you are particularly proud of
Knowledge Exchange & Impact
Teaching & Learning
Leadership & Management
Esteem Indicators
• The application form gives guidance on what could be
included in your statement evidencing how you meet the
criteria for these areas
Helpful Tips
• Applicant’s Statement - try not to repeat information
already provided
• Ensure you have time to fully prepare – don’t wait until
close to the deadline
• Use ‘I’ rather than ‘we’
• Be explicit about your achievements
• Remember decisions are based on the content of your
application form
• Ask a ‘critical friend’ to comment on your
application and give you feedback
Special Circumstances
An opportunity to highlight any circumstances which you
wish to be considered, for example:
• Part-time working
• Maternity/adoption leave or long term illness absence
• Reduced performance due to ill health or other significant
In general the required performance level remains the same
however the volume should reflect the % contribution during
the period – each case is considered individually
Application Process
Promotion Timetable 2015
• Deadline for completed applications to be received by
Human Resources – 9 January 2015
• College Promotion Committees – by 20 February 2015
• Initial Principal's Board of Review – by 27 March 2015
• Notification of outcome grades 7 & 8 – by 17 April 2015
• Final Principal's Board of Review – by 29 May 2015
• Notification of outcome grades 9 & professorship – by 12
June 2015
Recognition and Reward
• For staff up to and including Grade 9
• Either self or manager application and for individual or
• To recognise and reward performance in supporting
individual/College/University objectives above, or in
addition to, the normal requirements of the role
Recognition and Reward Process