IT Training Web Site Evaluation Form Name of web site:

IT Training Web Site Evaluation Form
Name of web site:
URL of web site:
Content coverage
Does the site cover the topic comprehensively, or have links to sites with
more information?
Does the material allow users to see a number of viewpoints?
Does it offer something others do not?
Accuracy of content
Is it free of grammatical errors, typos, etc.
Are references given to substantiate statements?
Is information given up-to-date?
Authority or Bias
Who is providing information – are they qualified?
What is the point of view?
Is the site sponsored by an organisation that may have a bias?
Currency and Stability
How recent is the information?
Does it have clear, up-to-date links to other relevant web sites?
Is the person/organisation maintaining the site likely to do so in the long
Value Added Features
Does it have an index/search/sitemaps?
Does it contain summaries and/or abstracts?
Does it have Help information or feedback options?
Accessibility and Readability
Is there a text only alternative and/or option for browser compatibility
Is it easy to find your way around the web site?
Is the layout and use of fonts/colours/images helpful or does it make it
more difficult to read
Overall impression of the site (10 points) (write comments here)
TOTAL Mark (out of 40)
Mark out of 5